About Us

The Simcast  website is a service provided by Parklogic Pty. Ltd. as part of a suite of services serving the domain name industry.

Established in 2007, ParkLogic started life providing professional domain investors with a highly experienced team and a domain management platform and highly experienced professional service team to help them maximise the revenue generated from domain traffic. The ParkLogic team saw there was a real need in the industry for a disciplined analytical approach to domain acquisition, management and disposal.

As Parklogic has evolved we have broadened our services to include specialist offerings to Domain Name Registries and Registrars, and their customers, managing traffic to unregistered or expired domain names. Simcast is part of that offering – helping lost users find what they were looking for.

For Registries working with ParkLogic, the Simcast website provides a more friendly experience than the normal blank page when people try to access unregistered domains. This improves the user experience for the visitor, while providing valuable information to Registry or organisations interested in registering the domain name.

The Simcast website provides a similar service for Registrars and other organisations working with expired domain names – domain names that previously hosted a website but have since been dropped. As for unregistered domains, this improves the user experience while providing information to the Registrars and other organisations working with expired domains.

For further information or to contact us please refer to the Parklogic website – www.parklogic.com

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